You are a dashboard expert. So what!?

You have been using dashboarding tools like Power BI and Tableau for a couple of years and some would consider you a dashboard expert.

You are no rookie

You are very familiar with the way data works and are possibly an accomplished data engineer.

You would be comfortable with data in all shapes and flavours from simple CSV files to large JSON files.  You are familiar with all the main relational databases and can script SQL with one hand tied behind your back.

Perhaps in the past, you have been involved in a handful of big data projects where you deftly handled hundreds of millions of rows of data from big data platforms like Hadoop, MapR or Snowflake and presented them on a screen in a matter of seconds.

Whilst you may not consider yourself a dashboard expert, others do.

You create outstanding dashboards

You get that knowing nod and smile when you first unleash a dashboard to the audience.

The reaction tells you that you have nailed the brief and the dashboard will be used heavily by these guys.

Competent isn’t the word.  You can pull together a dashboard that the business understands.

It gets the point across and gives them the ability to interrogate the data.  It goes beyond answering a question.  The dashboards you create are compelling, engaging and they are informative.

You know there is more to learn

Yet, you know there is more to learn and more to give to these dashboards.

The dashboards are good but they could be great.  They don’t just quite hit the mark exactly as you want.

You’ve seen examples out there that you know you’d love to make but they are really hard to replicate.

The reasons:

  • Dashboard design is hard
  • Telling the story is harder

Dashboard design

Dashboard design requires a certain skill set that most data people don’t have.

The visual and artistic perspective is incredibly valuable when designing dashboards.  This is where a design team is invaluable but it’s rare that you’d have one of them at your disposal. Not everyone is lucky enough to have Garett and Jon on their team 😉

The next best course of action is to take inspiration from the gold class work out there on the market.

Telling the story

Understanding the core of your client’s needs is at the core of what you do.  Creating a dashboard that tells them their story in the way they need to see it is something you have mastered.

Go beyond this.  Don’t just tell the story, sell the story


The key difference between an expert and a craftsperson is the ability to sell the story instantly.

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