Why you should never let a crisis go to waste

Never let a crisis go to waste

With any crisis comes disruption.  And by definition, this disruption is disorienting and unwanted.  So you should take advantage of the situation and never let a good crisis go to waste.

Once in a lifetime?

Coronavirus is seemingly a one-in-a-hundred year crisis that has put the entire world in a spin.

Aside from the catastrophic loss of human lives and the stress on the health systems around the world, people and their livelihoods have been seriously affected.

Virtually every business has been affected in some way or another.  Whether that is from a reduction in business, forced government closures, or a spike in trade.  Nothing at the moment is the same as the old normal.

Understand the challenges

People are still coming to terms with the magnitude of this crisis and its long-term effects.  At the same time also contemplating how to overcome these unparalleled challenges.

The media has dubbed COVID-19 many things and a common term they use is crisis.  This sums things up quite distinctly.  A crisis is a temporary event that is hugely different from the norm and forces us to behave differently.  To be honest, we have been behaving very differently.

Our personal lives have been turned on their heads, our business lives have been disrupted beyond belief and the number of memes has gone through the roof.

Adaptation is the key to success

One of the most important aspects of your focus now should be adaptation.

Many things will be different in the coming months and even years.  Some things will never go back to the way they were.  We cannot control the effects of the economy, international trade, or any other effects of COVID-19 but what we can do is control our actions.

We can control how we behave and how we respond.  Through this, we can modify and adapt our business model and strategy to suit the new normal.

Adaptation, however, requires reflection and to better position your business on the other side of this crisis, adaptation is crucial.  You should never, therefore, let a good crisis go to waste.