Why choose Syntagium’s cloud dashboard software?

Our data insight agency creates new knowledge through data visualisation

We like to call ourselves the private investigators of Business Intelligence.

And while it’s true that some businesses are indeed collecting data, the vast majority of these simply do not have the tools nor the knowledge to interpret this data.

As a result, they struggle to uncover real insight that improves multiple aspects of their business, including customer insight and their bottom line.

We present your data in a simple and meaningful way so that you not only uncover previously unseen issues, but also reveal untapped opportunities.

We’re unashamedly obsessed with data and technology, helping clients across a range of industries all over the world unleash the power of data.

Why work with us?

Our data evangelists change the way businesses work and think

Extensive experience

Our data specialists have a combined 50+ years of experience in data science and analysis.

The high-performing Syntagium team consists of business analysts, data engineers, and solution development specialists, each of whom possesses the skills and insight to express data in attractive and easy-to-consume ways.

We truly care

We love data. But we’re more than just tech nerds; we’re human beings who truly care about
our customers, their experience, and their needs. We’re humble and efficient, working seamlessly under the radar to help bring your data to life.

Our clients even tell us that we’re the most responsive consultants they have ever worked with. We guarantee to respond to your query within 24 hours and also provide weekly status reports, regardless of the size, scope, or budget of your project.

We go beyond the brief

We go above and beyond for our clients to ensure no stone remains unturned and no questions left unanswered when it comes to creating data-driven solutions.

We’ll help you have that ‘aha!’ moment as we uncover actionable insight, opportunities and solutions to problems you might not have even been aware of.

We support emerging startups

Collaboratively, we help you bring your vision to life, investing in startups and supporting their trajectory of success with our bespoke tech solutions.

We believe in teamwork and partner with you to achieve your goals and build a strong and fruitful long-term relationship.

We are humble and ethical

We always behave with the highest form of integrity, and you can trust us to ensure the confidentiality of your data projects.

We’re proud to offer a truly personalised, professional, and caring service.

We make your data accessible

Our data strategy and solutions are based on your unique needs and we can customise the outcome to meet your strategic requirements.

Using our online dashboard reporting software you can access a snapshot of your business position instantly in between meetings or on the go.

Why your business needs data analytics

Gain a competitive edge

Feel more in control of your business – and your future

Confidently make better and more informed decisions

Do more with the data you already have

Explore new revenue streams and uncover new opportunities

Gain a better understanding of the bigger picture

Identify and manage issues more quickly

Feel excited and empowered for your future!

Collecting the data is not where you falter; companies are falling short when it comes to interpreting the data and determining actionable insights, outcome, and decisions that improve business performance, efficiency, and productivity.


And that’s where we come in.


Working efficiently and effectively under the radar, we’re relentless in our pursuit to provide you with actionable insights. We deliver on time and to scope every time, and are unashamedly obsessed with technology!


There is power in your data. It is unique to you and your business, and is the key between running on intel rather than intuition. This is where we help you unlock opportunities for growth, profit, and efficiency.

Who we are

Syntagium is a business transformation agency based in Sydney that supports clients across a range of industries in Australia and all over the world.

Our specialist data analysis consulting firm leverages customer data.

Move beyond PowerPoints and PDFs: using cutting-edge technology and cloud dashboard software we create bespoke business solutions that improve processes, productivity, and profits.