What can small businesses learn from the “new-normal” to prepare for the next disaster?

What small businesses can learn

What can small businesses learn from the “new-normal” to prepare for the next disaster?

Whilst we are in the middle of the crisis, we haven’t seen the full economic impact of it yet.  We have many uncertain months ahead of us and many years of painful rebuilding and recovering.  Some firms will disappear, and some firms will thrive.  And while most of the outcomes of COVID-19 cannot be controlled, they can be managed in the way we respond.

From a longer term perspective and examining where we are now and where we will be in a few years, time stops for no one or no business. Now is a great time to reflect on what is happening and what will probably happen.  From that, we can leverage what we can learn to help us prepare when a similar situation happens in the future.  Because to be honest, the next economic crisis or viral pandemic is never more than a decade away.

In Australia in particular, we have been battered by one natural disaster after another.  We had droughts and fires and now this viral pandemic.  The past 12 months have really taken its toll.

While I don’t think we will see this trifecta play out again I honestly believe we will see something come along that will have a disastrous effect on us in some way or another.

Whilst we are in the middle of this pandemic, our experience is raw and real.  But as Tears for Fears eloquently put it “Memories will fade but the scars still linger”

Now is a great time to document how this crisis feels.  How we are reacting as individuals, how the government is responding, and how the economy is reacting.

Document our learning so when normality returns the survival path has been documented.  More so a rough guide as to what works and what doesn’t needs to be created.  This will help when then next crisis hits us unexpectedly from left of stage.

The thing about these intermittent disasters is that they are infrequent.  They happen a handful of times in people’s lifetimes and they usually take us all by surprise.  Human memory is short so now is the time to document what you would be saying to the future you when the next pandemic hits.

This will set the precedent for what businesses can learn from the “new-normal” in preparing for the next disaster.