We do dashboards, just in case you weren’t sure what we do

Just in case you weren’t sure what we do, we do dashboards.  The majority of the work we do at Syntagium is creating dashboards or visual analytics for our clients.

These range from simple Power BI dashboards connected to excel files all the way through to a full implementation of an enterprise grade reporting framework like Tableau.

The types of dashboards we get asked to build are varied and very specific to our client’s needs.  Yet the reasons we get asked to build them are very consistent.
The majority of our work solve one of three key challenges:

  • A lack of internal resources
  • Not sure where to start
  • Technical Support

A lack of internal resources

This is the most common reason we help our clients.  There is a clearly defined outcome but they don’t have the internal resources to get the work done on time. A lot of businesses understand exactly what they need. The challenge is making sure the dashboards get delivered in a way that isn’t going to add a technical or admin burden to the team once it’s in place.

An automated dashboard with a robust ETL is the goal here along with knowledge transfer to skill up the key stakeholders.  This gives them a framework that can be customised relatively to adapt to changing requirements.

Not sure where to start

Automation is becoming more commonplace these days.  SME’s are in the driving seat in that regard.  They’ve identified a need for automated analytics but they are not sure how to get started or what to do first.

With these challenges, we ensure that we understand their existing the framework.  If we can leverage what they have and at the same time utilise their existing resources, then we will.  We will also recommend new systems or technical solutions that fit most appropriately with the existing tech stack.

Technical Support

They know exactly what is required but the technical skills aren’t available inhouse and are fairly advanced, analytically.  They also have a comprehensive reporting framework with an extensive data mart, pipelines and embedded business analytics.

But they have a need beyond their current technical skills set such as Machine Learning, Predictive analytics or even a highly technical enhancement to their existing dashboards.  In these cases, we help their team to achieve the outcome and also carry out some knowledge transfer so they can continue to manage it in the future

In summary

Regardless of why our clients come to us, the outcomes is always the same. An improvement or addition of some form of automated digital analytics platform.