Three people you need in your business for 2021

To deliver effective business analytics you will need these three people you need in your business for 2021

  • Data Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst

It’s rare that a single individual can create effective business dashboards alone.  It can happen but delivering really valuable and robust business dashboards takes time and a lot of work.  It’s rarely a matter of linking a Power BI dashboard up to an excel file and throwing a few different graphs on a screen.  For business analytics to be effective it typically involves a blend of data sources, some clever data analytics and a well thought out and professionally designed suite of dashboards.

The complete set of skills are hard to come by in one individual.  But you will find them in a cleverly constructed team.  The combination of these three resources will make sure it happens:

Data Engineer

These are the key guys and gals that lay the pipelines of data to ensure the correct data is pushed into the right place in the correct way. They also take care of quality assurance and data governance.  The Data Engineer is the data gate keeper if you like. They are responsible for the ETL framework that makes sure all your data is consistent, integrated and it all makes sense when it renders in the dashboard.

Business Analyst

This role is pivotal.  The BA is the person understands what the business user hope to see (the intended audience).  They unravel what it means in the context of the business.  They then interpret these needs into a technical outcome that the Data Engineer and Data Analyst understand and can work towards.   Essentially, the business analyst is the person who brings all the pieces together so that the most effective business analytics dashboards are created.

Data Analyst

The Data Analyst is the person who understands how the data can be used to interpret the requirements of the Business Analyst.  They are the ones who take the data from the pipelines and consolidates it into a business dashboard to present the outcomes

A comprehensive team

Effectively the Business Analyst defines what is required, the Data Engineer shapes the data and the Data Analyst creates the dashboard.  Each of these roles are crucial in creating a really effective and long lasting business analytics platform


Obviously, individuals can do this on their own.  But they must have some of these skills.  For the larger organisation, it pays to have a team with all these skills to get the most valuable outcome. So when will you employ the three people you need in your business for 2021?