The technical makeup of a dashboard craftsman

A craftsman is defined as a worker skilled in a particular craft.  As a true craftsman in data analytics, you are someone who can create an interactive dashboard in any technology and achieve the same outcome. An outstanding interactive dashboard that not only engages the audience but delivers valuable insights.

Choose your weapon

You are an expert in Power BI, Domo, Tableau, Qlik, even custom solution or anything in that space.  The dashboards you create hit the nail on the head every single time, regardless of the tech stack.

Your work gets across the message so succinctly and articulately, they don’t simply tell the story, they sell the story.

The audience who interact and engage with your dashboards completely understand (without ambiguity) what the message is and what it means to them.

Whilst you may not see yourself as one, others see you as a dashboard craftsman.

Data Analytics as an artform?

The true art is in making your dashboards tell the story in such a way that it helps them ask the next question. The audience can clearly see the how, what, when and where.  they can also see that the next obvious question is why.

As a true craftsman, you create dashboards that suggest the ‘why‘ and at the same time provide the tools and mechanisms for the audience to explore the answers.

Never take your eye off the goal

You never lose sight of the fact you are building dashboards for decision makers to make better informed decisions.  These dashboards aren’t for you, they are for them.

You realise you can’t and don’t make the decision, but you know you can enrich their decision making process by presenting them their data in such a way as to help them see more with less.

You know that once a dashboard is complete, it won’t be long before it’s obsolete.  The true art is being able to evolve with the organisation and keep offering the analytics that helps the business move forward always.

In short, you go beyond the dashboard.

The journey you took wasn’t a quick one

Like many other craftsmen, it took you time to get here.  Many, many hours of lessons learned, harsh feedback and disappointed audiences.

Now you are here, you continue to take pride in your work and continue to hone your skills.  Standing still will only decay your value and the speed of that decay is accelerated in the data space.

When you were a rookie:

When you became an expert: