The Tantalizing Quality Of Data Analytics In Construction

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Do you know that data analytics provides construction companies with vast amounts of information and perhaps the tantalizing quality of data analytics in the construction industry may surprise you!

If you’re uninitiated with the construction industry, data analytics isn’t something you’d immediately think about. You’d be thinking about hammers and concrete, on first mention!

But data analytics has become a prevalent thing within the construction industry, and technological developments have advanced to a point that may surprise you.

So, here are some technologies available to construction companies that will honestly make you raise your eyebrows!

Augmented Reality Brings Visual Data Analytics To The Construction Industry


Imagine arriving at a site, ready to renovate. The space is blank, with no markers as to where pipes or electronic wiring are. There are parts of the ceiling missing, damage in certain places, cracks in the windows. It’s a bit of a mess.

This is where augmented reality comes in. By using an app on your phone or tablet, like GAMMA AR, you can compare the original plans of the site, with your own eyes.

Most building projects will have BIM (Building Information Models), so it’s a simple case of importing the model into the app, and then you can survey the site with that information at your fingertips!

Using the data this way, you can use the augmented BIM to highlight any issues within the site itself. Once highlighted, you can send and share that data with your team, who can get the cogs moving on fixing it.

It’s incredibly efficient and intuitive when there are visual guides, so this is an exciting piece of technology for the construction industry!

Real-Time Concrete Data

Maturix, ConXedge

What a wonderful time to be alive. Technology has done it again, and it’s allowing you to keep track of when that concrete has finally cured.

Yep, you hear us right. Technology can do this now. Extremely useful to construction companies, or anyone who works with concrete on a regular basis, this can save a ton of time within projects, so you don’t have to leave it to guesswork anymore.

For example, we know of two companies offering a product that enables you to do this. Maturix and ConXedge. They offer products that can measure temperature, in real-time, and send the data to you instantaneously.

Maturix and ConXedge both offer single use products, where you plant them inside your concrete and that’s it. The data, like temperature, will be transmitted wirelessly to your device. Single use may seem wasteful, but don’t worry, they also offer reusable products.

Maturix has a product where you can place a wire into the concrete, connected to a sensor, to which you can replace the wire however you please. ConXEdge has something similar, but with a sensor instead.

So, if concrete has been wasting your time, consider looking at the two solutions above.

Synchronized Data

Synch Technologies

We all need some organization in our life, especially when other people are involved. So, it’s only natural that construction gets its own project management app!

In this one, we’ve got to bring up Synch Technologies! It’s precisely how you imagine it, but tailored specifically for construction projects. Which, when the finer details are appreciated, is a much greater option than most general project app offerings!

Imagine a workflow system where everything is laid out plainly, meetings are scheduled, and no details are left unturned. This is what this app offers, as it synchronizes data across the devices that your team use. Each team member will have their own profile, and they won’t miss out on any changes.

Team members can also submit their own changes if allowed, so once they know of any issues that pertain to the work, or even if something in their personal lives come up, you’ll know in real-time. Nothing is left off the table, and even though it’s all based around construction, the general offerings of any project management app are still included. You won’t miss out by niching down.

It also means that accountability will be prevalent, and the manual aspect of calling everyone to update them on the project is completely gone. If you’re looking to fine-tune your process and make things easier for everyone, Synch Technologies app is for you.

Site Management With Data


Do you have a really, huge spreadsheet that tracks all of your contracts, profits, and expenditure? Well, we’ve got some news for you!

Ditch the spreadsheet, as it’s time to introduce bluemargin. A dashboard that will handle absolutely every single piece of data that you can throw at it. It looks at data generically, so you can customize it to show the data you need to see.

This has proven to work great within the construction industry, as you can have a separate dashboard for each of your projects, which can then sync to a master dashboard. Your data will flow effortlessly, and be at the whims of spreadsheet macros.

You can also have these dashboards viewable by whomever you choose, so they don’t have to dig around for what they need to see. The UI also makes the data easy to comprehend, so nobody will be left scratching their heads on what any of it means!


Construction is evolving at a very fast pace, and it’s easy to lose track. The astounding developments that have been made in the past have catapulted construction into a truly modern era, that allows for construction projects to be completed in record time.

It’s an exciting prospect to spectate the upcoming developments. When you can measure when concrete is dry, and use your device to view BIM’s as you walk through the building, the only developments you can make from here will be game changers.

There are plenty of other pieces of software and API’s that we’ve not mentioned, so don’t think that this is the only selection out there. But from our own expert perspective, what we’ve selected are the most popular offerings we can find.

We’ll be watching as new technologies in the construction industry come out. So stay tuned for more blog posts if you’d like to keep up-to-date with what’s to come in the future.