The easiest way to create new value for your clients

The easiest way to create new value for your clients

What’s the easiest way to create new value for your clients?  You deliver great value for your clients but you are always looking for more. You have been working with your clients, producing high value products of services and you are very good at what you do.

But it’s a very competitive landscape.  Finding a new or novel way for client deliverables is always top of mind.  Trying to find something that gives you an edge over your competitors is not easy. But how about this for an easy way to create new value for your clients.

Build a dashboard and present them their data

An increasingly popular way of adding value for clients is through delivering an interactive dashboard in addition to the traditional deliveries.

Not only providing the traditional outcomes, but proving the same solution in an interactive and dynamic way is a game changer.  An interactive dashboard allows your clients to ask and then answer their own questions.

Self serve analytics, if you will.

The value here is that whilst the PDF tells the picture, it’s static and it can only tell a one dimensional view.  The traditional delivery methods only scratch the surface and certainly don’t enable the client with deep insights.

The value is in the detail

The real value of your work, what you provide your clients, is in the detail.  How you arrived at your conclusions and how you created the solution for your client.  Being able to explore around that outcome is incredibly valuable, but also incredibly difficult to do in traditional delivery methods.

We’ve all sat in meetings with clients where we have had to explain the nuances of the outcome and we get questions or comments that tackle specific issues or the finer points.  The typical response is to refer the client to a certain page of the report where the results are qualified

An interactive dashboard gives your the capability to give your client an interactive experience. An experience where your client gets to ask you the same questions but you can show them the answers instantly, on screen.  The real benefit, is when you give access to this dashboard to your client so they can explore in their own time, asking and answering any number of questions.

Embrace the cloud

If you host this online and give them secure access, they can log in, dig around and answer their own question.  It gives them the ability to think much more deeply about their project.  And right now, you’d be one of the few in your industry doing this so to your clients, you’d be making a mark and standing out from the crowd.

Doing exactly what you are doing right now but with one small change can make a big difference.

Creating interactive client dashboards changes the way your clients will interact with your offering.

It’s an easier step than you’d imagine.