Struggling businesses need to look after themselves before they can help their clients

Struggling businesses impacted by COVID-19

Struggling businesses impacted by COVID-19 are faced with unpredictable futures.

We are our new #1

Our clients and customers are the foundation of our success.  We dedicate so much time and so many resources building new relationships and nurturing existing relationships so that we have a strong and reliable customer base.

The challenges we are facing right now have put pressure on everyone.  As we all adapt and evolve to deal with this crisis it’s crucial to take the time to look inwards and understand how your business is being impacted by COVID-19.

Thrive to survive

Yes, customers are still our top priority.  No doubt.

However, the current environment is unknown and what worked before may not work now.  The most important focus now and for the next few years is to not only survive but grow within a changing and uncertain environment.

Most important of all, focus on your business first and foremost above your clients.

Embrace the new

In the old world, we had certainty and consistency and we knew how things worked.  Things mostly played out in an expected way so dealing with clients and building out a pipeline was a relatively known entity.

We could focus on our clients as a core function.  In this new world, there are so many extra uncertainties that we have never experienced before.  There are situations that we have not yet seen or been able to prepare for.  This will tests us, giving us many challenges that may even break some of us.

The key now is for struggling businesses to reflect on how their business is structured to adapt.  How well prepared you think you are to survive the coming years, as the new normal takes hold.  And the memory of what was normal fades.  Once you have adapted and modified your business to the new normal, you can start to focus more heavily on your clients.

The new normal may not suit your status quo.  Look after what you know and keep your finger on your pulse.

Survive in order to thrive.