Nine Entertainment Co

“Case Study”

Real-Time Visibility leads to Revenue Growth


How Nine Entertainment Co. achieve efficient inventory management and revenue growth through real-time visibility of ad campaigns

Nine Entertainment Co. is a leading media and entertainment group delivering premium news, lifestyle, entertainment and sport content to all Australians. Their content spans free-to-air television, video-on-demand, and digital publishing, providing a significant inventory of advertising opportunities that drive revenue. A key factor in Nine’s success is their ability to efficiently manage their advertising inventory to maximise revenue and satisfy client expectations.

The Challenge

Nine Entertainment Co. record and store comprehensive, rich and up to date information for every campaign they run. However, there was no standard reporting mechanism to consolidate and present this data. Individuals within the organisation would create custom reports to view information – an approach that was time-consuming, ad-hoc, and dependent on the individuals skill in interrogating the data source.
Without a consistent, real-time approach to checking campaign performance, Nine’s sales and commerce teams were limited in their ability to manage their advertising inventory to achieve better results.
Access to the data source was also limited to the local network – a sensible security measure, but one that limited the ability of salespeople to access campaign information as required outside the office.

The Solution

Syntagium developed a suite of interactive, server hosted dashboards that provided real-time visibility of the performance of every active campaign. These dashboards were custom-built and securely hosted for both desktop and mobile access, and leveraged Nine’s existing permission matrix to ensure that users only saw relevant information.
Users could explore individual campaigns in detail, or see higher-level summaries for a client, ad agency or sales area. A bespoke scoring system was developed and expressed through colour to quickly identify under-performing and over-performing campaigns. This real-time visibility of campaign performance on any device gave the organisation the information they needed to adjust and optimise their advertising inventory on the fly.

The Outcomes

  • Revenue growth through more efficient delivery of ad campaign targets
  • Greater visibility of campaign performance across the business
  • Improved client communication on the performance of their campaigns

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