Nine Entertainment Co

Accessing Audience Insights from Big Data

How Nine Entertainment Co. accesses audience insights from its big data platform

Nine Entertainment Co. is a leading media and entertainment group delivering premium news, lifestyle, entertainment and sport content to all Australians. Their content spans free-to-air television, video-on-demand, and digital publishing, and tracking how Australians consume this content means the organisation is dealing with big data every day.

The Challenge

The growth of on-demand and digital streaming services, including Nine’s own 9Now, has seen a corresponding growth in the data generated about audience consumption habits. This necessitated a change in the organisation’s approach to storing, interrogating and visualising audience data.

Nine’s existing solution provided automated reporting that was limited both in terms of how the data was presented, and how much data was presented. A key limitation was that audience figures were only visible for 8 weeks at a time – despite the organisation booking its advertising campaigns in 12-week increments!

In addition, each report consisted of a single table and graph – the reports could deliver information, but with no way to show patterns and relationships, they weren’t delivering insight.

The Solution

Syntagium worked with key stakeholders to develop a clear set of requirements for Nine’s reporting capabilities. The key criteria included the ability to handle significant quantities of data, update as daily audience data is ingested, and provide user interactivity to flexibly filter and drill down into data.

Syntagium developed a series of secure, server-hosted dashboards that refreshed with the latest data each day. In addition to providing users with a self-serve experience through filtering and drilling deeper, our dashboards combined previously separate charts and reports into a single, unified view. This helped the organisation access deeper insights with a single glance, and gain a fuller picture of how audience viewing habits were changing over time.

The Outcomes

  • Greater visibility of audience viewing habits across the business
  • These insights have informed their approach to advertising and content creation

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