Million dollar insights for those without million dollar budgets

Million Dollar Business Insights

Million dollar insights for those without million dollar budgets are out there!!

Perhaps you utilise this whizbang ERP that captures everything about the business.  It costs a fortune to implement and migrate over to, and it took a fair bit longer than they said it would.  But it’s in now, and everyone’s using it, which is a relief.

Just one BIG problem

You cannot get the reports you need. In the old system, you had a sweet series of reports that you could run at any time of the day.  You also had a few fancy excel workbooks that kept track of those other things that were in the system.  The new system was going to take care of all that for you, so you waited.

You could customise these reports, but the reporting module is so complicated you need to be a full on developer to know how to make them work.

You could get the ERP provider to come back and build the ones you need, but that seems to cost as much as the implementation project!

So, now you’re stuck.  All of your old reports don’t work, your Excel magic has fizzled, and you’re stuck with what seems to be basic reporting.

You are not alone

This is such a common problem.

All ERPs promise to change your world for the better.  In general, they do a great job of capturing and organising your data.  Your business doesn’t stop there.  You need to see your data.  You need reports and dashboards to see what’s happening and more so, you need them right now.  They’ll be no good tomorrow.

BYOD (Bring your own data)

Fortunately, there are loads of Business Intelligence tools and applications on the market that can give you the visibility you are after.

The million dollar insights for those without the million dollar budget!

All you need is:

  • data (which you have plenty of)
  • an idea of what reports and dashboards you want to see
  • some time to invest at the outset
  • a bit of technical assistance to connect the dashboards to your data

Pick the business tool to suit the budget

You can get started with dashboarding for free with these tools:

  • Power BI
  • Google Data Studio
  • Klipfolio *
  • Tableau *

*These guys offer a trial period

When all you have is about a grand:

  • Tableau
  • PowerBI Pro
  • Qliksense

For those with bigger budgets:

  • Looker
  • Domo
  • Google Analytics studio

These are my picks, and you may find one that’s better suited for you.

In Summary

Whatever you decide to do, try not to dwell on the inadequacies or your ERP’s reporting function.

They will never be able to match the capabilities of the dedicated BI tools.