“Real time insights”

Understand your customers needs at an individual level. Capture real-time data to unravel what your customers want and when they want it.


The customer is everything in the retail industry. Every customer is the most important customer when they step into the store or check-in online. Giving each customer exactly what they want at the right time and the right prices are the key to success.

The volume of customer transaction data passing through retail systems daily is staggering. Yet while so much data is created and stored, only a very small portion of it is analysed or used to understand their customers better to offer them greater value.

Harnessing the value in the data for just one customer reveals their preferences, likes, dislikes, and behaviours. This can provide hugely valuable outcomes when it comes to targeted marketing campaigns. Imagine what would be possible with the data inherent across all customers, online and in store.

A key barrier to achieving this has been data compatibility and, of course, data integrity. The speed the day moves does not help either.  An added problem is that data analytics is not the core function of most organisation.

Our world class data specialists have worked with many organisations to deliver real outcomes:

  • Improved targeted marketing campaigns
  • Increase sales and increased margins
  • Reduced staffing costs by 20%

Industry Success Stories

Spandex Predictive Analytics for Revenue Growth

Applying predictive modelling and machine learning to customer transaction data increases sales margins for Spandex

How Harley Davidson increased customer engagement and marketing campaign performance by capturing and visualising in-store foot traffic

Harley Davidson are an iconic brand with retail stores all over Australia and New Zealand, and an excellent track record of customer loyalty.

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