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“Powerful insights”

Keep ahead of the market with real-time industry data at your fingertips. Keeping on top of what is happening locally as well as nationally as it happens creates an edge.


They say the hardest thing about real estate is getting the listing. That is why the most successful real estate agents have a huge directory of contacts and leads and are continually working it. They also happen to know their market very well and should be able to tell you the latest sales in their region at any time.

Having visibility of the market in real-time has significant advantages. Yet gathering and collating market data on a daily basis and presenting in a consolidated form takes a lot of valuable time and is prone to errors.

Automating the collection and presentation of key market indicators and sales data provides agents with valuable and up to date information that helps them keep ahead of the market.

Harnessing the value in the data for just a single market reveals significant insights and can provide hugely valuable outcomes. Imagine what would be possible with the data for the whole organisation when staff and managers can see what is happening all on one screen.

Our world class data specialists have worked with many organisations to deliver real outcomes:

  • Improved visibility of market metrics
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Reduced reliance on 3rd party reports

Industry Success Stories

How Harley Davidson increased customer engagement and marketing campaign performance by capturing and visualising in-store foot traffic

Harley Davidson is an iconic brand with retail stores all over Australia and New Zealand and an excellent track record of customer loyalty.

One of the world’s most advanced routing solvers is ready to streamline the logistics industry.

This Sydney startup had a vision and a concept that was as appealing as it was cutting edge: Provide real-time logistics analytics to delivery companies using high end mathematics

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