Digital time and motion studies

Understand operational performance at a granular level. Streamline and refine your operation by leveraging real-time analytics from the ground up.

Yet the potential in the data within your operation is immensely valuable and the key to being a market leader as opposed to a follower. Go beyond the data in your ERP, CRM, and sales systems and tap into the abundance of high precision data in your entire operation.

A key barrier to achieving this has been data compatibility and, of course, data integrity. The speed the day moves does not help either. An added problem is that data analytics is not the core function of most organisation.

Benefits of big data analytics in the Manufacturing industry

Operational efficiency is everything in the manufacturing industry. Understanding every inch of the business is critical. Getting visibility of operational performance is far from easy as it requires integrating with equipment and physical processes.

Our world class data specialists have worked with many organisations to deliver real outcomes:

  • Increase operational productivity
  • Reduce operational waste
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Supporting every part of the manufacturing process

Syntagium works with organisations operating at each stage of the manufacturing process, from the planning stage through to operations.

Industry success stories


Spandex Predictive Analytics for Revenue Growth

Applying predictive modelling and machine learning to customer transaction data increases sales margins for Spandex

Altus Group

Altus Group Data Warehousing Increases Productivity

A cloud-based project library with a custom-built user interface achieves time savings and productivity gains for Altus Group