“Data driven insights”

Understanding driver performance with visibility of their metrics in real-time. Deep dive into historical data to unravel how you never have to miss a job again.


Time is everything in the logistics industry. Every delivery or pick up has to be made on time every day in every location by every driver in order to keep customers happy and keep the system moving smoothly.

The volume of data passing through the ERPs and other management systems on a daily basis is staggering and testament to how ridiculously hard this industry can be. Yet while so much data is created and stored, only a very small portion of it is analysed or used to improve performance efficiencies.

Harnessing the value in the data for just a single route reveals significant savings and can provide hugely valuable outcomes. Imagine what would be possible with the data inherent in a whole organisation when operational staff and managers can see what is happening all on one screen.

A key barrier to achieving this has been data compatibility and, of course, data integrity. The speed the day moves does not help either. An added problem is that data analytics is not the core function of most organisation.

Our world class data specialists have worked with many organisations to deliver real outcomes:

  • Improved efficiency in job delivery
  • Reduced drive time by 20%
  • Increase on time delivery rate
  • Reduced reliance on 3PL

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One of the world’s most advanced routing solvers is ready to streamline the logistics industry.

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