Data analytics for infrastructure management

Harnessing the value in data analytics in infrastructure management is a game changer, particularly when your staff can access real-time insights via an intuitive and easy to use platform

Data in the infrastructure industry is collected at every touchpoint, from design through to completion, by a variety of data-generating devices and systems.

As you’d expect, that means that there’s a whole lot of data being collected: years and years of data, from hundreds of projects, consultants and partners, across different locations and at every time of the day.

The existence of big data in the infrastructure industry is not unknown; the value, however, is often overlooked. While so much data is created and stored, only a very small portion of it is analysed.

Consider each stage of a typical infrastructure project and gain an instant glimpse into the vast amount of data that likely already exists, accumulated over years.

Now it’s time to uncover how it can be assessed and interpreted to deliver real value and insight for your infrastructure projects.

While they may have been slower to the uptake than other industries like finance or retail, the infrastructure industry is now unpacking the value of big data analytics, leveraging real-time analysis, cloud-powered solutions, and data sets that deliver true insight and actionable outcomes.

Benefits of big data analytics in infrastructure management

Harnessing the value in the data for just a single project throughout its complete lifecycle would produce some significant and hugely valuable outcomes.

Now, imagine what would be possible with the data inherent in an entire year’s worth of projects.

Working with Syntagium, infrastructure companies of any size can develop their own specialised tools, systems, and processes to help them make sense of data gathered daily over many years.

Uncover insights and develop systems based on your very own data from the past, to improve your future.

Do more with what you already have. Here are just some of the benefits you can uncover when you unleash the power of big data:

  • Early identification of cost variances
  • Identify, manage, and mitigate risk
  • Streamline design processes (reduce errors, forecast potential issues)
  • Improve project management outcomes
  • Manage site labour and plant in real time
  • Reduce waste
  • Improve site health and safety
  • Improve plant and equipment efficiency

Supporting every part of the construction process

Syntagium works with organisations operating at each stage of the construction process, from the planning stage through to operations


Architects and designers utilise big data to predict and mitigate potential issues. This reduces the risk of costly mistakes being made during construction and therefore has a direct and profound impact on your budget and timeline.


Access to real-time and historical data helps engineers optimise operations, predict challenges, identify risks, and improve health and safety.

Project Managers

From timelines to asset management, every stage of the construction process is optimised, clarified, and considered, allowing project managers to make better, smarter, and more informed decisions that keep a project running on time and to budget.

Cost Managers

Over time, as more and more data is collected, cost managers gain deeper insight when it comes to forecasting and planning projects. This knowledge leads to improved output, increased productivity, and reduced costs.

Why choose Syntagium’s data analytics for infrastructure management?

It’s time for your company to embrace the digital age and explore the power of data analytics

A key barrier that many infrastructure projects face is data compatibility and, of course, data integrity. An added problem is that data analytics is not the core function of most organisations.

We help break down the barrier between data you’ve collected and the insights it can reveal: our world-class data specialists have worked with many organisations to deliver real outcomes, including:

  • Improved efficiency in job delivery
  • Reduced the time taken to prepare proposals by 20%
  • Consistent client reporting

Digitised workplace management can also reduce costs, optimise scheduling, and improve ROIs, budgeting, and risk management.

Industry success stories

Altus Group

Altus Group Data Warehousing Increases Productivity

A cloud-based project library with a custom-built user interface achieves time savings and productivity gains for Altus Group, a global commercial real estate software company headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

Syntagium created a cloud-based library containing critical information that reduced the time required to prepare proposals by 20%.


How automated monthly reporting lets Advisian achieve deeper insights with massive time saving

Advisian is a global advisory firm that provides a broad range of services across many industries and has staff in every major city around the world.

Cloud-hosted dashboards allow users greater visibility of KPIs and streamlined end-of-month reporting.