“Consolidated data libraries”

Harnessing the value in historical project data can be a game changer, particularly if staff can access the insights via an intuitive and easy to use platform


The construction industry amasses petabytes of data every year as projects evolve from design through construction and into occupancy. Yet while so much data is created and stored, only a very small portion of it is analysed.

Harnessing the value in the data for just a single project throughout its complete lifecycle would produce some significant and hugely valuable outcomes. Imagine what would be possible with the data inherent in a whole portfolio of properties.

A key barrier to achieving this has been data compatibility and, of course, data integrity. An added problem is that data analytics is not the core function of most organisations.

Our world-class data specialists have worked with many organisations to deliver real outcomes:

  • Improved efficiency in job delivery
  • Reduced the time taken to prepare proposals by 20%
  • Consistent client reporting

Industry Success Stories

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