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Unlock the value in your data

We believe any organisation can make better informed decisions with the right data

No matter what your industry, size, or level of data expertise Syntagium can help your business by creating new knowledge through data visualisation.

Who we work with

Our consulting firm devises business intelligence solutions based on accurate and actionable data

Data collection and interpretation is a must for modern, tech-savvy businesses to remain at the cutting edge.

Syntagium helps businesses across a range of industries make sense of their own data and unleash the knowledge behind it. We analyse and simplify company data and integrate it with external data to uncover opportunities in efficiencies, productivity, and growth.

We help give businesses the power, control, and confidence to make better and more informed decisions.

Altus Group Data Warehousing Increases Productivity A cloud-based project library with a custom-built user interface achieves time savings and productivity gains for Altus Group

Great companies

We’ve had the good fortune to work with many innovative companies from all over the world that have embraced our passion for leveraging data analytics and AI to enable exciting and game-changing capabilities.