How to guides for Power BI beginners

How to guides for Power BI beginners

In our How To Guides for Power BI beginners we show you how to tackle some of the more tricky tasks.

Getting started in Power BI is very easy and it doesn’t take long to create a reasonably good looking dashboard.

It also doesn’t take very long to realise you have only just scratched the surface of what is possible.

Under the hood, Power BI is a complex piece of software that allows you to create some truly amazing dashboard experiences for your audience.  It does require some skill and experience to make that happen and there are many hurdles to overcome.

How To Guides for Power BI

We have gathered together some of the most common challenges we get asked to help with and created a how to guide for each of them.

Each of these how to guides comes with a step by step approach to solving the challenge and a short video just in case you can’t be bothered reading the step by step guide.  You can also download the source files and check out our awesome work to explore our approach in more detail.

Our How To Guides include topic such as:

A step-by-step approach

Our collection of how to guides will grow over time so keep checking in with us to see what’s new.

We’ve tried to keep these guides as general as possible in the hope that you can take them and use them for your data.  If you are having any difficulties making sense of our guide and you’re about to thrown your computer out of the window, then please pause for a moment and contact us.

If we can’t help you, we’d really like to hear the noise a PC makes when it hits the pavement.

Got a problem? Get in touch

If you have a challenge with Power BI that is keeping you awake at night, then get in touch. We love solving those tricky problems and our dashboard nerds would jump at the change to help you out.

If you are new to dashboarding and don’t know what Power BI can do then head over to our an introduction to Power BI.  You can download Power BI right now and get started today.