How much does it cost to publish Power BI dashboards to the cloud?

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to publish Power BI dashboards to the cloud?

Power BI is a great tool to get started and it’s free to use on the desktop and its an amazing tool to get started. You can building amazing dashboards with it and there are some superb examples in the marketplace.

How do I share my Power BI Dashboards?

The challenge is, once you’ve built the dashboard and you’ve woo hoo’d yourself and had that high-five moment, how do you share it with people.  This is where most people will hit a barrier.

You can’t send people a Power BI file like you would an Excel file.

Well you can, but then you’re giving them access to your data and to be honest you’re losing control of your dashboard because everyone will then be able to edit it.

There are three correct ways to do it:

  • Power BI Pro
  • Power BI Premium
  • Embedded Analytics

Power BI Pro

The best way to share a business dashboard with people in your organisation is with the Power BI account and that, at the moment, is USD$10 per month per user. What that does, that gives you a workspace that allows you a workspace to publish your dashboards to.

Then you can grant people access to that workspace so they can also look at dashboards. …..  commentary and so on.  For US$10 per month per use you need to do the calculations on how many people you want to share your dashboards with.

Power BI Premium

The next step up is when you move to Power BI Premium.  Power BI Premium works for large organisations, but also organisations where you want to share your dashboards to people outside your organisation.  You see Power BI Pro doesn’t really let you do that very easily.

So Power BI Premium is where you can invite guests on your active directory and you can then share your dashboards with them.  The cost of Power BI Premium starts at around USD$5000 per month.  So, if you’re willing to spend around USD$60,000 a year for your dashboarding then this is the one for you.

Power BI Embedded

There’s a little secret though because there’s Power BI Embedded which is similar, if not almost the same as Power BIPremium, but it comes at a quarter of the price starting at around USS$1,000 per month.

The benefit of this is you can get moving a lot quicker and share with people outside your domain without having to fork out a fortune. But, again the numbers stack up. so within a year you need to make sure you’ve got enough to spot USD$12,000.

Asses you dashboard ROI

All in all, Power BI is a fantastic tool to do dashboard development and provided you have the right licence structure it’s an amazing place to share and socialise your dashboards and collaborate on them.

However, unless you’ve got lots of cash or your a large organisation with a budget it may not be the most suitable way to publish Power BI dashboards to the cloud.