Have you tried delivering data instead of reports to your clients?

Have you tried delivering data instead of reports to your clients?

Most consulting firms deliver results to their clients in a report form or some kind of output that is prescribed or clearly defined.

More commonly though, we have encountered organisations that want to step things up a bit.  Rather than supplying just the report, they have also started to provide their clients with the data.

The results are amazing!

Not only are they able to provide their clients the standard report; the defined value add and their view of the world; they are giving the data to the client.  The actual data that they used to come to those conclusions, you know, the fundamental basis data.

Its has a dramatic effect.

It’s given their client more confident in the reported outcomes as it shows there’s nothing to hide.

Secondly, in giving the client the raw data that has been used to create the outcomes it gives the client the ability to reproduce these outcomes and play with edge cases.  Again this reinforces the value in the results as it’s provided the client with the chance to see there might be a different way or a different answer, but that answer will be sub optimal.

Enablement through data

What we are saying is that by giving your clients the data as well as the report you are enabling your clients to more deeply understand how you reached your conclusions and appreciate the value you add with your report. Plus you give them the chance to explore data that they might not have had before.

This is the true essence of data democratisation.

Challenge the norms and engage more with your clients

From the longer term perspective this reinforces and consolidates the relationship you have but it helps you have a different discussion.  Not about the outcomes you are trying to achieve but about the raw data that you have used.  Discussion can the revolve around what could be done if you had extra data or information from a longer period, etc.

It allows for a deeper discussion and helps you uncover more ways to add value through data.

Have you tried delivering data instead of reports?