Harley Davidson

“Case Study”

Capturing and Visualising In-Store Foot Traffic for Customer Engagement

How Harley Davidson increased customer engagement and marketing campaign performance by capturing and visualising in-store foot traffic

Harley Davidson are an iconic brand with retail stores all over Australia and New Zealand, and an excellent track record of customer loyalty. They have a good understanding of their regular customers and an excellent customer retention program.

The Challenge

One gap in their understanding of customer behaviour was the foot traffic of people in and around their retail stores. While web-based traffic includes multiple touch points, brick and mortar stores still play a more vital role in the buying process of the Harley Davidson customer, but without the same level of visibility around consumer behaviour.
Could Harley Davidson achieve Google Analytics for their brick and mortar stores?

The Solution

Syntagium worked with Harley Davidson’s operations team to implement a range of technologies that monitored foot traffic in and around their stores and recognise individuals across visits.
This high veracity customer movement data was made accessible through a series of interactive, intuitive dashboards. These included the historical fluctuations in foot traffic, customer shopping time, repeat visitors, and customer loyalty, and highlighted the impact of weather and marketing campaigns on customer behaviours.
Users could focus on any or all stores in Australia and New Zealand, filter and interrogate the data as required, and extract it for distribution.

The Outcomes

  • High veracity customer movement data
  • A new insight into customer behaviour at an individual level
  • Improved timing of marketing campaigns
  • Higher rates of customer engagement

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