Go Loop

“Case Study”

One of the world’s most advanced routing solvers is ready to streamline the logistics industry.

This Sydney startup had a vision and a concept that was as appealing as it was cutting edge: Provide real time logistics analytics to delivery companies using high end mathematics. Most logistics companies calculate this manually by focusing on delivering in static territories, day in, day out, rather than adapting to each day as it unfolds.

The Challenge

Allocating the right delivery jobs to the right drivers in the right order is one of the hardest jobs in logistics The allocator typically has to deal with vehicle types, road conditions, delivery time windows, special freight requirements, weather, human resources, urgent orders…the list goes on.
The dynamic nature of logistics means that once a plan is set, the conditions change and it needs revisiting.

The Solution

GoLoop is a powerful route optimisation solution that creates a daily manifest in minutes and can respond to almost every situation. Hosted online and API ready, GoLoop integrates with most modern fleet and consignment management systems on the market. Powered by AI, Goloop supports your organisation so you can focus on delivering to your clients.

The Outcomes

  • World class route optimisation software
  • 30% savings for clients
  • real time visibility of operations
  • Immediate responses to live incidents

Initial Assessment

A conversation is a great way to start any relationship. This scheduled call between you and our team of experts will allow us both to quickly explore the challenges you face and the data you have available. Our Initial Assessment is a free and fast way to determine if there is a mutual fit.