Do you want to provide your team and clients with automated reporting and live dashboards?

Accelerate your business data by creating actionable, real-time dashboards

Available 24/7
Easy to use

Some of our solutions

Profit & Loss Dashboard

We love graphs. The dashboard focuses on your P&L and presents your numbers over time to give you a little bit more visibility on how things are evolving.

Operations Dashboard

This is an Operations Dashboard representing Key Metrics for a selected period.


We save our clients time and money by automating a complex, manual process through building automated reporting solutions

Less risk of analytical errors

More transparent

Easier to navigate

Less labour to create

Easier to repeat more frequently

What our clients are saying

Performance Marketing

This process helped us to address the white elephant in the room. It also gave us the opportunity to take a confident leap on our data journey. I’d highly recommend the process for any firm looking for that edge in the market!

Jim Fisher – CEO,
Performance Marketing

Altus Group

Syntagium did a fantastic job with our data and the outcome has generated huge cost savings. I think any firm would benefit from what they have to offer. It has to be seen to be believed.

JBarry Woollam – Director,
Altus Group

Enterprise & Data Solutions, Nine

You’ll find no better company to get your data from concept to visualisation than Syntagium.

Stephen Kyefulumya – Group Director,/strong>
Enterprise & Data Solutions, Nine<

Interactive real-time dashboard for your business

With your own suite of interactive, cloud-hosted dashboards you will have full visibility of not only what has happened, but what IS happening right now.

We can transform your business by helping you make better and more informed decisions with the creation of new knowledge through data visualisation.

Our Business Dashboard solutions are designed to save you time and money. Our world-class professional technicians’ design, develop and implement your bespoke business dashboards by working with your team to ensure an ideal outcome.

We can also manage and maintain the service, so you don’t need to invest in any additional infrastructure or resources.