Download your free Customer Performance Dashboard

Using an integrated Data Analytics tool like Tableau is guaranteed to save you time as well as money.  But building dashboards can also take a lot of time.

To help, we’ve created a template Customer Performance dashboard that may help save you hours as well as provide inspiration for a better way.

Download this FREE Tableau Customer Performance Template

This is a basic Customer Performance dashboard that can present your sales data for any number of months.

Therefore, simply download this file, load up your own sales data, and you’re done!

customer performance dashboard

Click the image to go to the interactive version.  Or head here:!/vizhome/SalesAnalysis_15563732092670/Dashboard1

How to use The dashboard

1. Download the Tableau workbook from here:!/vizhome/SalesAnalysis_15563732092670/Dashboard1

2. Download Tableau Desktop:

3. Unpackage the Tableau Workbook

4.Update the data in the Excel file

5. Open your Tableau Workbook

Some Caveats

This is a very basic customer performance dashboard that has the potential to do so much more than it currently does.  I encourage you to, therefore, take a look at how we built the dashboard.  Perhaps, make some modifications that work for you as well as your organisation. Maybe add a filter for the business sector or region as well as perhaps create rolling 3, 6, and 12 month averages.

So send us an email if you have any issues or questions:

Alternatively, please leave us a message below.