Do you consider yourself a dashboard rookie?

If you are like most people, you consider yourself a dashboard rookie. Sometime in the past 12 months, you’ve downloaded Power BI or Tableau, connected it to a spreadsheet of your own data and in about 10 minutes flat, you’ve created your very first dashboard.

A proud moment, for sure.

A dashboard queen/king is born!

It wouldn’t have been too long before you stood back and looked at it and realised it wasn’t quite the outcome you had in mind.

It was missing something, right?

But that’s ok.  You’re the company’s dashboard queen or king now and the go to person for all things data analytics.

The challenges are just around the corner

Little did you know there was a whole world of pain in store for you.

People want you to do a bit more to the old dashboard or add a new feature that tells them the same numbers in a different way.  You know, they want you to add some extra value or pizazz.

So, you have a go and you quickly realise you are hitting one hurdle after another and progress is very slow.  Whilst these things seem like they should be fairly straight forward, they are not.

You can get most of the way there by trial and error but its the final that grind things to a halt.  A little bit of Googling or stint on Stackoverflow help in some ways but the outcome you are looking for always seems to be one step too far away.

Surely it can’t be this hard?

Well, yes it can!

It isn’t long before you realise that you’ve only scratched the surface and these dashboarding tools are really complex pieces of software.  They can be used to make amazing dashboards but the skills needed to make that happen take some time to master.

Don’t be disheartened.  It’s pure practice and time on the tools that get you the skills you need to deliver the top shelf dashboards you are aiming for.

Can you take things to the next level?

Below are some resources on how to turn your next steps into leaps:

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