Tableau consulting services

Syntagium’s Tableau consulting help you get the most from your data by leveraging the full potential of Tableau

Syntagium’s Tableau specialists bring expertise and industry experience to ensure the success of your data projects.

We provide a range of services for Tableau users to help you achieve your goal and grow with Tableau.

This ranges from project-based consulting, creating bespoke solutions and standing up a complete Tableau solution. Whatever your Tableau needs, our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure your projects are a success.

We like to call ourselves the Private Investigators of Business Intelligence.

Custom Tableau solutions

Syntagium’s Tableau consultants allow you to see the ‘big picture’, combining historical, real-time, and predictive views of your business

Data innovation

Is your corporate data delivering what you need to know when you need to know it?

Demystify the process of interacting with big data and empower your team to uncover the insights they need to solve problems, mitigate risk, and improve efficiency.

Change the way your business communicates knowledge through clear and engaging visual representations of your data.

Book a call with our Tableau experts to find out how we can add value to your business by leveraging your own data.

Bespoke Tableau solutions

We transform your concepts from the design phase into a productionised, stable outcome that persists, proving real ongoing value to your business

We work within your technology stack, and leave your team with the data analytics tools and capabilities necessary for in-house maintenance. We will always be a phone call away to provide support when you need it most.

How can Tableau create business insights?

Tableau gives you the tools to help you make smarter, data-driven decisions, and uncover a range of business insights, including:

Performance benchmarks

Your performance benchmarks and insights are all about outcomes: determine valuable context, set realistic goals, and reach data-driven conclusions.

Customer insights

Elevate your business and gain a competitive advantage through harnessing strategic intelligence to capitalise on future opportunities. Analyse internal historical data to better understand the needs, demands, and requirements of your best and most profitable customers

Predictive analytics

Identify, manage, and reduce risk and enhance business performance with deeper insights into predictive analytics for a range of business operations.

Is Tableau right for my organisation?

With Syntagium’s Tableau consultants, you will gain more in control of your business data, and gain a better understanding of the bigger picture.


Not sure if it’s right for you? Consider Tableau if…

  • You collect data but don’t do anything with it (or don’t know what to do with it)
  • Your current data collection processes are outdated and cumbersome
  • You don’t know how to centralise data from multiple sources into a single location
  • Reports are manually and cumbersome to create


Remove the guesswork and run your business using intelligence, not instinct – if you want to know how to use data to your advantage, explore the power of Tableau with Syntagium today.

Industry success stories

Nine Entertainment Co

Accesses audience insights from its big data platform

Nine Entertainment Co. is a leading media and entertainment group delivering premium news, lifestyle, entertainment, and sports content to all Australians.

Syntagium helped Nine dive deeper into their data to gain a bigger picture of audience insights, particularly emerging insights as viewing habits have evolved over time.


Spandex Predictive Analytics for Revenue Growth

Applying predictive modelling and machine learning to customer transaction data increases sales margins for Spandex.

With Syntagium’s business analytics reporting and user-friendly dashboards, Spandex uncovered attributes of loyal customers and as a result, improved their sales margin.

They also improved customer retention, engagement, and segmentation.

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