Build a Profit & Loss dashboard using Power BI & Xero in just 12 minutes!

Power BI P&L

Xero is one of the most popular and well known accounting applications and for good reason.  It doesn’t cost much plus it’s really easy to use.

It also has a great reporting module that gives you everything you need to see your business finances from all angles.

Well, it almost has everything.

Xero doesn’t have many graphs.  

A Power BI dashboard for Xero P&L

We love graphs.

So we’ve taken this matter into our own hands and built a Power BI dashboard that you can download and use.

The dashboard focuses on your P&L and presents your numbers over time to give you a little bit more visibility on how things are evolving.

This is what it looks like:


Now, there’s nothing fancy or too technical here.  The Power BI dashboard is simply reading monthly CSV extracts of the P&L that were exported from Xero.  If you want one of these scroll down.

Are you sure it took 12 minutes to build?


Here the video that Fabricio Cardoso created of how we built this from scratch:

Yeah, we know, we know.  The video is only 4 minutes long.

We sped up the last 10 minutes because it was all about formatting and it was super boring to watch. 

Can I have my own version?

Heck yeah!

We’ve built this as a template so that you can download it and make it your own.

Follow these steps and you’ll be up and running in a few minutes:

  1. Download this zipped folder and extract it on your PC or server
  2. Copy the full path of that folder
  3. Open the PowerBI file in the latest version of Power BI
  4. Click “Edit Queries”
  5. Click “Manage Parameters”
  6. Modify the Parameter called “FilePath” to match the full path from step 2 above, then click “OK”
  7. Click Save & Close
  8. Log into Xero and export your P&L one month at a time and save them to this folder
  9. Voila

Note: Adult supervision is recommended

You can use this straight out of the box and it should work well for any Xero P&L.  However, every business is unique and your P&L may be a little different from the one we used.

You should also be able to tackle this with just a little bit of experience in Power BI.

Take me to the next level

Like what you see but you want more?  We understand!  We hear that all the time.

Send us an email or DM me and we can arrange a call to talk through what you need.