Comparing selected and previous months in Tableau

Do you know how to compare selected and previous months in Tableau? Follow along to the video or check out the steps below. Let’s compare the selected month with the previous month. Create a calculated field named “Order Month” with the following formula: DATE(DATETRUNC(‘month’, [Order Date])) Create a parameter named “Date” with: Data type: Date […]

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600 years on, balance sheets still balance

Balance Sheets still balance

Did you know the first balance sheet was created by an Italian monk in the late 1400’s.     About the same time another guy called Benedetto, was writing about a double-entry bookkeeping system. Fast forward 600 years and we are still using balance sheets. Okay, we have replaced quills and parchment with pixels and […]

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Do you have reliable business reports?

Do you have reliable business reports

Do you have reliable business reports that you can access 24/7?     Most business reports don’t give you the complete picture and are almost always out of date. Live business reporting helps you understand your business performance anytime, from anywhere. Click the link below to download our playbook to get started today! Dashboard Building […]

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