Altus Group

“Case Study”

Data Warehousing Increases Productivity


How data warehousing lets Altus Group deliver jobs and proposals more efficiently

Altus Group are a leading provider of independent advisory services, software and data solutions to the global commercial real estate industry. Across their process of delivering proposals and jobs for clients, Altus Group generate and store vast quantities of project data.

The Challenge

For any consulting practice, timely and accurate delivery of proposals and jobs is key to winning business and satisfying customers. Although Altus Group possessed significant historical data from past projects, this data remained siloed, a consequence of their many project portals and untouched after project completion.
Instead, information essential to a current proposal or job was transferred through conversations with the resident expert of their field.

The Solution

Syntagium designed and developed a cloud-based project library which contains construction data on every project Altus Group have been involved in. The data is organised in line with industry best practice, and the user interface and structure of individual projects have been designed to suit Altus Group staff’s needs.
This system allows all staff to search and filter the library of projects, quickly and efficiently. It is used to produce case studies, benchmark reports and preliminary costings for prospective or current clients.

The Outcomes

  • Reduced time taken to prepare proposals by 20%
  • Improved efficiency in job delivery
  • Consistent client communication

Initial Assessment

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