“Case Study”

Automated Reporting Saves Time and Increases KPI Visibility


How automated monthly reporting lets Advisian achieve deeper insights with massive time savings

Advisian are global advisory firm that provides a broad range of services across many industries and have staff in every major city around the world. Their Asia Pacific division is centrally managed from their Australian office, which is responsible for monthly reporting for the whole division.

The Challenge

Each of the offices in the Asia Pacific division use their own systems to record, manage and report on their projects. Producing reports from individual systems was simple, but for the Australian reporting team, manual intervention was required to align the various reports to a standard format, and aggregate cross-border job data.
Collating and consolidating the data from each country was a time-consuming task occupying a dozen people over a two-week period, month after month.

The Solution

Syntagium developed a suite of interactive, cloud-hosted dashboards that mimicked the original consolidated reporting framework. These dashboards were securely hosted and a permission matrix was established that ensured users only saw relevant information.
Users could explore individual reports or offices, examine historical data, and even download a standard report from the live dashboard. As soon as monthly financials are approved, each user is notified via emails that the dashboards have been updated.

The Outcomes

  • Greater visibility of KPIs across the business
  • Faster end of month reporting
  • Eradicated 50% of the manual process of end of month reporting

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