5 reasons why you shouldn’t use tableau

5 Reasons why you shouldn't use Tableau

Tableau is one of the best dashboarding tools on the market.  You can create almost any kind of dashboard and connect to any kind of data.  But it’s not without limitation.

Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t use Tableau:

1. Dynamic DATE filters

Automatically filtering dashboards to show the current date on screen is something Tableau falls down at.  This feature is the highest in demand and has been asked for by the community for years.  There is work around and certain ways to make this happen but these are far from industry standard.  Expect street marches to occur in the next few months!

2. Microsoft Analytics Service

Simply put, Tableau and MSAS are not friends.  You can connect a Microsoft Analytics Service to Tableau to create dashboards that splice and dice the data but there are so many limitations on what you can achieve that the heartache is simply not worth it.

3. Conditional formatting

Ok, you can create a kind of quasi-conditional formatting but there’s no standard, out of the box conditional formatting feature. 

4. Horizontal Scroll Bar on tables

Yep, you heard right.  Basic good old fashioned tables don’t have horizontal scroll bars.  Ok, what’s next.

5. Animated graphics

The desktop version of Tableau has a cool “Play” function to run a series of time-based graphs that create an animated effect. 

The bad news is, when you publish the dashboard for others to see, these funky features disappear.  There’s nothing more deflating than seeing a static image.


You can build amazing dashboards with Tableau.  Ones that pack a punch and tell a story in an elegant and sophisticated way.  

Check out Tableau’s Gallery to see some amazing examples: https://public.tableau.com/en-us/s/gallery/

Tableau also lets you share your insights in so many ways, securely and seamlessly.  

If you are deciding to use Tableau as a BI platform make sure you understand Tableau’s limitations or the 5 reasons why you shouldn’t use Tableau listed above before you get too deep.