5 reasons not to use Power BI

5 Reasons not to use Power BI

Power BI is an amazing dashboarding tool from Microsoft.  It’s a free download that lets you create almost any kind of dashboard and connects to any kind of data.

But there are 5 good reasons NOT to use Power BI:

1. Approximate values over 1 million rows

If you’re familiar with really big data, 1 million rows are nothing.  With Power BI though, this is the area where it starts to get vague; Power BI approximates values in this range.

2. Schedules report extracts

Many BI tools come with administration functions that you can configure to automatically, deliver reports on a daily or weekly basis to your audience.  This means your message is in their inbox and they don’t need to log on.  Power BI hasn’t caught up with this function yet (but it’s on their road map).

3. Global filters

Filters can be applied to pages and individual graphs within Power BI but there is no way to create a filter that applies across all dashboards in a workbook.  The downside here is that users’ filter settings aren’t remembered when they move between dashboards.

4. Pass filters from the URL into the dashboard

Many premium dashboarding tools allow developers and BI analysts to create and publish dashboards that interact with the URL in a browser.  This produces an awesome tailored experience for users.

Not if you use Power BI though.


I’m not kidding.  You can?t print a dashboard from Power BI Desktop.  That’s hardcore.  To be fair, you can export though.


Power BI gets the job done letting you build awesome dashboards really quickly.

Check out Power BI’s Gallery to see some interesting examples: https://community.powerbi.com/t5/Data-Stories-Gallery/bd-p/DataStoriesGallery

If you decide to use Power BI as a platform make sure you understand the limitations and really consider these 5 good reasons not to use Power BI before you get too deep.