4 Ways that a dashboard technician can save you thousands

A dashboard technician can save you thousands

Do you have problems with your business intelligence dashboards not giving you the full picture?  Here are 4 ways that a dashboard technician can save you thousands.

Business dashboards are more common now than ever before.  The purpose of interactive business dashboards is clear to most, and they add value to any firm.

However, they aren’t without their problems.  Common complaints of business dashboards include:

  • Key data points missing
  • Slow loading dashboards
  • Hard to understand
  • Changes take ages to happen

A dashboard technician can save you thousands

Most of these issues are a result of either the BI tool not being used to its full potential, or the data pipelines are not efficiently designed. Whatever the problem, there is a solution.

Getting external help will most likely solve the problem in no time.  Now, consultants can cost a lot of money, but if they are brought in to solve a specific problem, then the value they can add far exceeds their costs.  It’s why we get the plumber in when the hot water breaks at 7pm on Saturday night in the middle of winter.

Similarly, a dashboard technician can save you thousands, and they may also add more value than you’d expect.

Key data points missing

You might have a dashboard or two that gives you much of what you need to know on a particular aspect of your business, but it’s missing that one key piece of data that you have to get from somewhere else.

The cause may be that this extra data resides outside the domain or data lake and provides a real challenge when blending.

A good data engineer can blend pretty much any form of data together.  You just need to give them an access point.

Slow dashboards

Slow loading dashboards are the biggest problem we see.  People expect web pages to load quickly.  Anything that takes longer than 6 seconds and people get impatient.

If the audience is the CEO, and they are waiting ages for their exec summary to load, it won’t be long before they revert back to what they had before.

This makes the time and cost invested in the dashboard a waste.  A dashboard expert will make sure each and every dashboard loads in lightening time.

Hard to Understand

A fantastic dashboard has to deliver a message quickly and elegantly.  If the audience can’t understand the dashboard within 2-3 seconds, then the dashboard isn’t designed properly.  It is a fine art making the perfect dashboard work, and that’s why a professional designer will solve this problem in a flash.

Changes take ages to happen

Every dashboard tool has an area that is highly technical.  Don’t spend hours discovering online how to solve what’s already been solved.  Use a technician that is an expert in that BI tool and then learn from an expert how to achieve best practice.

In Summary

You could service your own car and save thousands.  But unless you’re a trained mechanic, it would probably take you a long time, and you might not end up where you hoped.