4 Quick ways to use AI in 2020

Way to use AI

AI is entrenched in our personal and business lives.  It’s in our phones, cars, shops and online.

To give your business an edge, you need AI.

Here are 4 fast ways to use AI in 2020.

Customer Attribution

Finding patterns in massive sets of data is what AI excels at.

Point AI at your entire sales history, and it will trawl every customers’ spending since records began.  As a result, you can identify what they bought, when they bought it and how much they bought.

The magic comes next when this information is analysed across every customer.  Common patterns across customers emerge as well as details on products that are purchased together start to surface. Also, richer seasonal trends exposed that are specific to certain customer types, reveals the impact of your marketing campaigns.

Most importantly, it reveals customer behaviour.  Customers especially, when grouped on their behavioural patterns as apposed to their attributes, provide the most powerful information.

Data mining and trend spotting

Searching your corporate network for something can be hit and miss, particularly if you are looking within documents.  AI can continually monitor your entire corporate data lake (or warehouse) and highlight really valuable insights.

Automated reasoning and Knowledge Representation are powerful AI techniques that trawl massive volumes of data and extract previously unknown and interesting patterns:

  • Common customer complaints
  • Behavioural anomalies
  • Common phrases or terms
  • Unusual document patters

Think of this as the old MS Office paperclip but with some intelligence behind it.  “You’re trying to write a letter.”

Candidate assessment

Resume screening and candidate assessments are massively time-consuming and prone to human bias.  Apart from this, humans tend to be less rigid when assessing candidates after lunch!

Passing all candidates through an AI bot for preliminary screening provides two things:

  • Every candidate gets assessed, meaning none of the good ones falls through the cracks.
  • Every candidate is assessed on EXACTLY the same criteria.
    Oh, and you save yourself and your team a massive amount of time.


Yup, almost all of the chat panels that pop up at the bottom of websites are bots.  These Intelligent Agents serve two purposes:

  1. Every visitor gets to ‘talk’ to an expert immediately
  2. The chatbot filters out the real customers

This means your skilled call centre staff deal with real customers with real questions while the Intelligent Agent takes care of the tyre kickers.