9 Reasons Why BI Is Good For Your Business

Business intelligence solutions are quickly becoming a cornerstone of most companies’ operations. Whether running a construction company or working in manufacturing, you can benefit from critical insights and powerful business intelligence tools. Companies are using business intelligence every day to identify trends in the market, find and eliminate problems within the company, and predict revenue […]

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How Successful People Make The Most Of Their BI

When you bring up business intelligence, boring summaries of statistics and dry analytical reports often come to mind. The reality is that business intelligence offers many capabilities. When integrating business intelligence into your company, you’ll want to explore the various options available. From creative visual reports to interactive dashboards that can present data insights in […]

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9 Construction Companies Leading The Way In BI

Construction Data

It’s been well-documented how beneficial business intelligence can be for a construction company. By documenting data from projects and having access to real-time reports and analytics, project managers can avoid delays, anticipate shortages, and maximise efficiency. However, not all construction companies have hopped on the BI bandwagon. The construction companies that have embraced business intelligence […]

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