How to create a shaded map in Tableau

In this quick tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a shaded map in Tableau. Tableau automatically recognizes the Country, State and City as a hierarchy and their geographical roles which makes creating a map quite easy. Also, Tableau generates the Latitude and Longitude for us, according to those geographical roles, saving us a lot […]

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The technical makeup of a dashboard craftsman

A craftsman is defined as a worker skilled in a particular craft.  As a true craftsman in data analytics, you are someone who can create an interactive dashboard in any technology and achieve the same outcome. An outstanding interactive dashboard that not only engages the audience but delivers valuable insights. Choose your weapon You are an […]

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You are a dashboard expert. So what!?

You have been using dashboarding tools like Power BI and Tableau for a couple of years and some would consider you a dashboard expert. You are no rookie You are very familiar with the way data works and are possibly an accomplished data engineer. You would be comfortable with data in all shapes and flavours […]

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