Is it best to measure metrics or KPIs

Any decent business dashboard has a good balance of metrics and KPIs. Metrics are valuable if the audience understands the context well enough. KPIs can help take everything back to a standard scale. Aiming for a balance between the two when creating a dashboard that delivers a powerful message is good practice. METRICS TELL YOU WHAT HAS HAPPENED […]

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The official launch of Blue Bean

What is Blue Bean? It’s the official launch of our Blue Bean web app that connects live to Xero and gives business owners business reporting that just makes sense. Blue Bean shows you real time performance of your business 24/7. With the official launch of Blue Bean, it’s easy to get started, and the 14 […]

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Do you know your AI from your elbow?

What is Artificial Intelligence

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a field of computer science that involves the use of computers to solve problems using “intelligence.”  The scope of AI is under constant scrutiny. Still, it’s generally agreed to be when a computer program receives inputs from its environment and takes certain actions to maximise its chance of achieving a […]

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The Ultimate Dashboard Building Checklist

Dashboard Building

Despite the massive claims by the BI companies, dashboard building may not take ”Just 5 minutes” to build the dashboard you’ve dreamed of. Building your first ever business dashboard can be a daunting task and it pays to be prepared. Our ultimate dashboard building checklist will put you on the right tracks: 1. UNDERSTAND YOUR […]

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5 blockchain technologies to watch in 2019

blockchain technologies to watch

2018 was a deflating year for cryptocurrencies. From an, all time high of USD$20,000 Bitcoin crashed to nearly $3,000 and a lot of people lost a lot of money. The Winklevoss brothers reputedly lost $1.6bn between January and December 2018 (Bitcoins biggest loosers). Yet, after all the hype and frenzied trading, there are still some […]

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