Data and analytics services

We focus on the data.

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50% of businesses are not gathering and leveraging their data.

88% of those are taking no action to analyse their data and uncover deeper, actionable outcomes.

Data and analytics services

You focus on the results.

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Big data analytics that creates profitable outcomes

Data-driven decision making that improves your ROI

Real-time reporting to optimise workflow, processes and resources

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Creating new knowledge through data visualisation

It’s estimated that only 50% of businesses are gathering data, while just 12% of those are taking actions to analyse it to uncover deeper, actionable outcomes.

Data analytics is a modern, efficient, and untapped resource being overlooked by hundreds of businesses across a wide range of industries who struggle to make meaning of their data.

When you gather and optimise data, you can:

  • Optimise performance to reduce costs and improve productivity
  • Identify and solve bottlenecks to refine systems and efficiencies
  • Analyse customer trends to improve relationships and retention

Feel in control of your business and get ready to confidently make better, faster and more informed business decisions – turn data into a competitive advantage.


Our data consulting agency helps clients grow, evolve, and improve.

Big data might seem overwhelming at first – and that’s where we come in. It’s our goal to help you do more with what you already have.

Many companies already collect data, but where they fall short is when it comes to analysing that data to create tangible and actionable outcomes that improves their business processes and positively impacts their ROI, customer satisfaction and retention, and more.

Get a better understanding of the bigger picture, and the finer detail, with Syntagium’s data engineering and analytics solutions.

Who we work with

Our consulting firm devises business intelligence solutions based on accurate and actionable data

Data collection and interpretation is a must for modern, tech-savvy businesses to remain at the cutting edge.

Syntagium helps businesses across a range of industries make sense of their own data and unleash the knowledge behind it. We analyse and simplify company data and integrate it with external data to uncover opportunities in efficiencies, productivity, and growth.

We help give businesses the power, control, and confidence to make better and more informed decisions.

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Great companies

We’ve had the good fortune to work with many innovative companies from all over the world that have embraced our passion for leveraging data analytics and AI to enable exciting and game-changing capabilities.

Our process

We make data easy: power your business growth with decisions based on your own data.


During our Discovery phase, our data scientists meet with your key stakeholders and leaders to gain an understanding of your business, including the risks and challenges you are facing.

During this phase, we examine your current processes, data, and infrastructure to form a clear picture of pain points and opportunities. We produce a detailed assessment of what’s possible along with a road map for delivering a viable and valuable project.

The Discovery phase takes no more than 2 weeks and involves a full or half-day of your team’s time.


Building on the work from the Discovery phase, we establish a series of concepts or prototypes that show the possibilities in achieving the desired goals.

This provides a clear indication of the proposed final outcome and the impact it will achieve.

This phase delivers tangible data and analytics results within a matter of weeks.


We transform the concepts from the design phase into a productionised, stable outcome that persists, proving real ongoing value to your business.

We will empower your team with the tools and capabilities necessary for in-house maintenance, but will always be a phone call away to provide support when you need it most.

Our agile approach delivers a more valuable product at a faster time to market.

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Why Syntagium?

We turn your data into opportunity, growth, and profitability.


Along with an in-depth understanding and passion for data, our team has a combined 50+ years of experience in the technology and big data industries.

Deep care
and expertise

We truly care about each of our clients, exploring your business’s future and unlocking unbiased, accurate, and actionable insight.

Syntagium is your trusted partner in data science and analysis.

We explore
beyond the brief

Our in-depth analysis goes beyond the brief often uncovering insights, and opportunities our clients might not even be aware of.

We help businesses see the future of their business through data.

emerging startups

We support innovation and entrepreneurship, helping start-ups leverage their data, creating profitable outcomes, and speeding up their trajectory of success.

Syntagium is a business intelligence firm in Australia based in Sydney.
We support businesses of all sizes anywhere in the world.