Embracing data for innovation can transform your business

We believe that any organisation, no matter its industry, size, or existing expertise, can become an innovator in its field.
We’ve seen how amazing a business can become when it unleashes its data. We’ve seen how data can empower people to do things in a better, more impactful way.
But we know why most businesses are struggling to make use of their data. It’s hard – hard to know where to start, hard to know what to look for, and hard to get buy-in from the top.
That’s where we come in.
We are data evangelists, helping change the way businesses work and think. We use cutting-edge technology to build meaningful, innovative solutions to the problems that really matter.
All businesses can achieve smarter, better decisions that will lead to transformation and innovation.

Digital Transformation








You are just starting your journey.  You feel knee deep in data, trying to understand what’s valuable and what’s not.  Your aim is to organise what you have into something more structured to give the business a base to work from. 

Now is a great time to automate the production and distribution of existing reports.


Your organisation is becoming sophisticated.  You have governed data, aggregated data sources and a clear distinction between exploratory and explanatory analytics.  Much of your time is spent analysing new and existing data sets, migrating legacy reports to your reporting framework and onboarding slow moving business units.

This phase is the perfect time to champion the value of data analytics through your dashboarding platform.  Change the conversation in the boardroom


You are one of very few businesses in your industry who are leveraging data this way.  You likely have a data analytics team with engineers, analytists and scientists.  You most definitely use predictive analytics and would be experimenting with Machine Learning or other forms of AI. You’ve probably failed more times than you’ve succeeded but the fruits of your efforts have not been worthless. 

The challenge now is to stay ahead of the pack.  And that will need some high endcompute power,

Customer Success Stories

Advisian | Automated Reporting Saves Time and Increases KPI Visibility

A suite of interactive, cloud-hosted dashboards reduces reporting time and effort by 50% and increases KPI visibility for Advisian

Altus Group | Data Warehousing Increases Productivity

A cloud-based project library with a custom-built user interface achieves time savings and productivity gains for Altus Group