Business Intelligence

Access | Insights| Faster

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization: Put your data to work to uncover real time insights that enhance your strategic decision making. See your business in a different light.

Business Intelligence and Data Visualization

Are you forced to make key decisions using incomplete or outdated information? Are you drowning in data but in need of insights? Our approach to business intelligence and data visualization will help you make the important decisions that deliver revenue growth, cost reductions, and improved performance:

    • Real-time visibility of key performance metrics
    • Make strategic decisions with clarity and certainty
    • Get faster, clearer answers to the important questions
    • Uncover and act on trends as they emerge
  • Empower your organisation to dig deeper and share insights

Data Visualization

Harness interactive visual representations of your data to uncover deeper insights not immediately made clear in standard reporting formats.

See new possibilities

Humans are visual creatures. Leverage this capability to uncover trends, patterns and relationships that go undetected as mere numbers on a page, and take your understanding of your customers, processes and markets to the next level.

Democratise your data

Demystify the process of interacting with data and empower your people to uncover the insights they need. Change the way your business communicates knowledge through clear and engagingvisual representations of your data.

Business Intelligence

Access key information sooner to get to the important actions faster

Real-time information

Have visibility of what happens, as it happens. Whether you are tackling inefficiencies, seizing growth opportunities, or addressing risks, seeing your data sooner lets you act quickly and achieve the best outcomes.

Is your data delivering what you need to know, when you need to know it?

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How Paragon Industries narrowly avoided a DIY Dashboarding Disaster

Paragon industries called us about a problem they had with their dashboard.  They desperately needed to avert a DIY dashboarding disaster. Within four weeks and for a cost of $25,000 we built them the KPI dashboard, connected it to their data and made it accessible to everyone on any device. 

Nine Entertainment Co. | Real-Time Visibility leads to Revenue Growth

A suite of interactive, server-hosted dashboards provides real-time visibility of advertising campaign performance for Nine Entertainment Co.